Why you need high value home insurance

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    • Cover for all types of high value homes
    • Protect against theft, damage and vandalism
    • Cover provided by specialist insurers
    • Expert advice
    • Flexible payment methods

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Who needs high value home insurance?

If your home is worth more than £500,000 then you should consider getting high value home insurance. High value home insurance is specially designed for those who have high value property and contents. When you take out a high value home insurance policy, you have full peace of mind that your home and contents are covered and there won’t be any exceptions.

Can’t I just get a regular home insurance policy?

You might mistakenly believe that a regular home insurance policy will be good enough to protect your home and assets but this usually isn’t the case for those with high value homes. You must consider that regular home insurance policies usually don’t cover high value items such as jewellery, watches, arts & antiques. If your home were to be damaged by fire or targeted by thieves then you want to know that all your possessions will be covered by your insurance policy.

What are the benefits of getting cover online?

There are many benefits to getting cover online. These include –

  • Cover for high value and listed properties
  • Cover from specialist providers
  • Cover for all types of contents including jewellery, arts & antiques
  • Easy claims process
  • Expert advice
  • Multiple payment options
  • Instant cover

How can I save money?

When taking out a high value home insurance policy, there are certain things you can do to keep the costs down. These include –

  • Secure your property – Making your property secure is a very good way to reduce the price of your insurance. Measures such as installing security lights and intruder alarms can go a long way to making your property more secure and less likely to be targeted by thieves.
  • Pay for your policy upfront – If you can pay for your policy on an annual, rather than monthly basis then you’ll certainly be able to negotiate a lower fee with your insurance provider.
  • Get multiple quotes – Getting quotes from different insurance providers is a must when looking for high value home insurance. Prices can vary a lot so you need to know what the average price you should be paying is in order to get a good deal.

Get quotes the easy way

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compare listed buildings insurance online