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Fine Arts & Antiques

Get quotes from specialist providers of fine arts & antiques insurance now by clicking the red button

  • Cover for all types of art & antiques
  • Protect against theft & loss
  • Cover provided by specialist insurers
  • Can be included as part of a home insurance policy
  • Expert advice
  • Flexible payment methods

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Insurance for fine arts & antiques

If you like to collect fine arts & antiques then it’s absolutely vital that you get proper cover in place to protect your collection. A regular home insurance policy will not extend to covering expensive pieces of art so it’s necessary to get cover from a specialist provider. There are many providers of insurance for fine arts & antiques who can offer you a policy that provides all the protection you need and at a reasonable price.

Why cover is important

When you own expensive pieces of art, there is always a risk of theft, loss or damage – particularly if you move your pieces around a lot. This being the case, you want to be sure that should something happen to one of your works of art, you’ll be fully compensated without having to pay out of your own pocket.

Types of cover

  • Transit cover – When you insure your collection, you want to know that your pieces will be covered when in transit as well as at home. This includes when a piece is being loaned to a museum or exhibition; or when transporting it to a different home or office.
  • Depreciation cover – If one of your pieces becomes damaged and has to be repaired then your insurance should cover not only the cost of the repairs but also the depreciation after the damage.
  • Restoration damage – If your art becomes damaged while being restored then your insurance provider should cover the costs. Not all restorers will have the necessary insurance to cover any damage that might occur so this is vital.
  • Automatic cover for new pieces – When you take out new pieces, they should be automatically added to your insurance without the need to inform your insurance provider. This is very convenient and gives you full peace of mind when adding to your collection.

Getting cover online

Below are some of the biggest benefits of getting cover online.

  • Flexible cover for your entire collection
  • Cover for pieces at home, in other locations and while in transit
  • Cover from specialist providers
  • Save time & money by getting quotes easily
  • Expert advice
  • Flexible payment options
  • Quick & easy claims process
  • Instant cover & documentation

Get quotes now

Getting quotes for fine arts & antiques insurance is a very quick and simple process. To get quotes from a panel of specialist providers now, all you have to do is click the red button below. After providing a bit of necessary information, you’ll then have your quotes, which you can easily compare – potentially saving you a lot of money.

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